I am an experienced supervisor, having worked with organisations and in private practice offering supervision to both groups and individuals. I am particularly interested in what practitioners enjoy and in what they find a challenge. I enjoy working with other practitioners thinking about their work in a positive, enquiring and safe way. 


I will think with you about the underlying aspects of your work, thinking about what is not being said as well as that which is spoken. Supervision is about you and your work with clients - my role is to support you and to facilitate your work. It is a joint enterprise and the thoughts that arise and the approaches I use will vary according to the preferences of each individual I work with. I believe that supervision should be a positive process in which the spoken and the unspoken are explored, in which the therapist feels supported and safe to discuss both positive aspects of the work and those that feel more difficult and in which I can reframe what the therapist brings to open up a new perspective on the work.


If you would like to talk about the possibility of supervision with me please do contact me - I offer a free initial session which will hopefully help you to decide if  you would like to continue working with me.

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